Hair Loss Syndrom

hair loss syndrom

Hair Loss Syndrom- Causes and Treatments

A hair loss syndrom is a combination of factors that lead to thinning or balding of the head and/or scalp.

Some of the more common causes include aging, hormonal changes, illness, and certain medical conditions such as thyroid disease.

Trichotillomania, a condition where a person will pull out the hairs from his or her scalp without any apparent reason, is also a major contributor to thinning or balding of this kind.

Other conditions that cause a spike in hair loss include chemotherapy and certain medications. 부산탈모병원

Best of all: There are a variety of treatments to help combat this condition.

One of the most common treatments is a topical solution that targets specific areas to encourage healthy growth of the hair.

Using this treatment should produce the desired results within a few weeks, but some people may need to continue the therapy indefinitely for optimum regrowth of their hair.

Medications such as sulfasalazine, spironolactone and certain antibiotics may also be used to treat this condition.

Some of the most important elements of a successful treatment plan include reducing stress, making sure to maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise. In addition, a good doctor will be on hand to offer support and guidance.