It’s a method of cashing in the non-face-to-face era

It’s easy for anyone in the non-face-to-face era to do it!

These days, on various anniversaries or holidays, there are many people who replace them with mobile gift certificates rather than gifts they choose themselves, right?

It’s because the sender can easily and conveniently convey his or her mind, and it has the advantage of being able to use it more practically from the receiver’s point of view.

Sometimes, you may not know how to use it, or you may find it difficult to use it within that period.

In this case, the way to use it is by cashing in.

Culture Land is a service that allows you to transfer cultural gift certificates to cash using the site (PC) or app (smartphone).

It is easy for anyone to use because it is not difficult to use.

Let’s take a quick look at how to switch the cache


Search ‘Cultureland’ on Naver and Google Play and click → Charge top menu → Select cultural gift certificate → Enter pin number → Switch cache

This converted cache is available for online use within various sites.

You can also use the cash-in method.

I recently exchanged mobile gift cards that my friends sent me for my birthday in cash.

When converting cash into cash, you should look for companies that can purchase gift certificates.

I usually use the Queen gift certificate site (app), where you can purchase online gift certificates with cash and apply for cash exchange.

If you search on the Internet, you can see a lot of companies, but it’s not easy to choose the most reliable place, is it?

However, if you look at a few things carefully, you can prevent unnecessary waste of time and fraud in advance.

This place was reliable because you can use the service without a separate registration process and it is a company that is officially registered.

Also, if you fill out the cash exchange application form accurately in real-time (24 hours) 365 days, you can make a quick deposit almost immediately (within 5 minutes).

The rest of the balance will be deposited except for the fee.

At this time, the fee may vary depending on which company you use, so a thorough comparison is needed in advance.

Depending on the market price, the cash ratio may be higher or lower.

What you should be careful about is companies that promote excessive cash conversion rates.

Recently, the number of damage cases related to this has been steadily increasing.

If the average cash turnover ratio is unreasonably high, please think about it one more time and choose.

In Queen 문상현금교환, various kinds of gift certificates such as cultural gift certificates, Happy Money, Book & Life, and Google Gift Kakaotalk can be cashed right away by entering the pin number.

Even if you have a large number of gift certificates, you can enter a large amount at once, so you can use them conveniently.

It would be nice to refer to the fact that the cash conversion rate varies depending on the type of purchase price, right?

It’s not a face-to-face method, but it’s a sensitive process where cash comes and goes, so you should be more careful in many ways.

You can use it without a separate membership registration process, and you can apply conveniently through a PC or smartphone app.

There are a lot of people who are in trouble because they sometimes enter false information.

If you receive the pin number via mobile phone or Kakaotalk, please take care of it so that it does not leak.

Also, remember that the application for cashing Culture Land gift certificates through other people’s personal information is an obvious crime.

The Queen Gift Certificate has a lower fee than other places and a system structure that anyone can easily use, so there were many satisfactory reviews from those who used it themselves.

From the young MZ generation to seniors,

there are many different age groups using the site.

The site is clean and there is no complicated procedure, so even if you look around somewhere else, you will eventually proceed here.

I’m using it very satisfactorily and making a small additional income.

If you have any gift certificates that you haven’t been able to use, I’m sharing information with you because I think it would be good to use them in cash.

If you have any difficulties or problems while using it, please contact the customer service center (Kakao Talk or phone call) and they accept it kindly.

as far as possible on a gift certificate It would be best to use it right away at an offline store, but I hope it helped those who were curious about how to cash in on 컬쳐랜드 매입

Take care of your health and see you next time with better information. Have a nice day!