The Best Tech Blogs of 2017


Any lover of gadgets simply cannot resist the sweet temptation of visiting this website more than just once a day. This is simply because this website contains some of the greatest guides for gadgets. It is updated with the latest news for items such as Apple ios, android and windows operating system. This dazzling website is the shop for gadget lovers, everywhere. All the newest gadget releases including Smartphone’s, Tablets, Cameras, iphone, and more can be found. Furthermore, the reviews on the items released help an individual  choose the perfect product based on his requirements. The news on the software released and their features expands the technical certainty incredibly.


The catchphrase of the website “upgrade your lifestyle” definitely portrays the very way the website operates and the goal of the website. is a website that focuses mostly on notifying people on the latest state of the art technology currently in style. Its vast information on a wide range of products is astonishing. This website contains breaking news for gaming devices, mobiles, computers, home theatres, computers, laptops and lifestyle items. Furthermore it covers of news for apple and its products and keeps the news simply shocking. The greatest iphone apps happened to be mentioned as well on the website. There is a vast amount of information which one may experience just giving this this website a visit.

3.) TechRadar

The website is convenient with its detailed and farfetched pages full of recently launched laptops, mobiles and tablets. It contains one unique function where you can rate mobiles and tablets. The rating is completed right after a thorough reading and because of this the results happen to be very convenient, when it comes to picking the greatest. Anyone who is looking to buy new mobile phone or a tablet can visit the website to see the ratings. The ratings are tracked based on the experiences of the users along with the reviews they write. TechRadar also contains the latest breaking news in terms of operating systems all based on android. When the latest apps are available the features they come with are discussed to a great extent.


This website has more than 7 million monthly people visiting it and it’s a real goldmine for the nerds of the technical world.. New technology’s business and culture is discussed in detail on this website. The most sensational part is the coverage of next generation gadgets as well.


This bountiful site provides the tech enthusiasts with the info they need. It contains information on all new technology and all brand new gadgets. It also examines new products and portals of the internet. It distributes information on the latest applications too. The events, services and products released by numerous big players in the market such as Dell, Microsoft and Apple, are spoken up immensely. It is a great site for all tech nerds around the world to get the latest and the greatest.

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