About the Author

First off, thank you everyone who is interested in knowing who I am and for taking the time to read my writing! I deeply appreciate it and you! My name is Eric and I am 26 years old from the Bay Area. Yes, that means I am a big Warriors, 49ers, and Giants fan! I’ve always had a passion for sports so I could probably talk your ear off about sports for hours. I played baseball and basketball for a couple seasons in high school to keep myself active but I think I enjoy watching the game more than I enjoy playing it. In high school I had to take an elective so I decided to take journalism just so I could improve my writing skills for the future but I ended up loving it. I expected to just learn how to write more proficiently but I learned more than that, I learned about the history and concepts of writing. Since then I haven’t been able to stop writing! I would love for it to be my career but I chose to be in engineering to be on the safe side. Writing is my hobby and will always be my go to.